New Venture with SportsEdTV Weightlifting Technique Series

We all know there’s tremendous amount of information on weightlifting technique online. Some of it is legit; some of it is pretty bogus. But a new venture, SportsEdTV is about to make a huge impact.

Several months ago I was contacted about SportsEdTV, after which I reviewed their initial content dealing with tennis and golf. We later created the plan for adding weightlifting to their site. I selected Rachael Bommicino and T.J. Greenstone to serve as models for our production session in September. I’ve worked extensively with them as coaches and as lifters in the past, and had great confidence in their ability to make this project first-class.

We filmed at CrossFit Doral, in Miami, where I previously had conducted a USAW Level I course. The facility is great, but typical of a “box” in South Florida in September, it was, shall we say, plenty warm. We went through a number of SportsEdTV t-shirts in our 10-hour shoot.

Eleiko provided the weights for the project, and good friend and two-time Olympian Derrick Crass brought in DC Blocks for the day.

We’ve had excellent feedback from viewers around the world. Check out SportsEdTV Weightlifting Training Videos and stay current with new information as it is posted. Share the link with your lifters, fellow coaches, and please reference this great source of information via any blog you write.

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